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Be a part of something special!

Your generous donation helps to foster a life that is rich and full of meaning.

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We would like to share these powerful feelings from Kirsten, a WAE Center member:

"I am a whole lot happier at the WAE Center than I ever was in my life. I have learned to express myself through acting and have begun to promote my artwork. Most of my artwork shows my concerns of the goings on around the world. Many people I know are discriminated against because of their disabilities, their skin color, religious beliefs, native ancestry...I fight for their rights too."

Have you ever met an individual with a Developmental Disability? So many of us are connected to individuals who are, whether through family, friends, or our community. This is an exceptional group of people who are just like you and me. Society has many beliefs about the limitations that developmental disabilities present, but our agency bears witness to the awesome display of talents and interests that do exist. These individuals want to be heard, listened to and included.

JSDD is devoted to developing secure and comfortable homes where our residents enjoy belonging to a community. The WAE Center provides that sense of community to a different group of people, who enjoy a wide range of classes and activities.